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Erik Aude

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Interview, Porträt, Filmografie, Bilder und Videos zum Star Erik Aude | Erik Anthony Audé ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler, Stuntman und professioneller Pokerspieler, der wegen angeblichen Drogenhandels in Pakistan festgenommen und inhaftiert wurde. Audé behauptet, er sei zum Tragen von Opium getäuscht worden. Serien und Filme mit Erik Aude: Timeless · This Is Us · Grey's Anatomy · K.C. Undercover · Scorpion · Navy CIS · Legends · Sons of Anarchy · Homes of .


Ep. 372: Erik Aude Discusses New Documentary About His 3-Years in Pakistani Prision

12/7/ · Erik Anthony Aude Wiki Biography. Erik Anthony Audé was born on 5 April , in Beverly Hills, California USA, and is an actor, stuntman and professional poker player, but probably best known for being arrested and imprisoned in Pakistan for drug trafficking in Date Of Birth: April 5, 3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Audé Story is a feature length documentary about an American actor, who was sent to death row in one of the most dangerous prisons in Pakistan for a crime he didn't 90%(31). 9/28/ · Directed by Jamielyn Lippman. With Quinton Aaron, Erik Aude, Sherry Aude, David Brookwell. The true life story of Erik Aude, who was duped into drug smuggling and spent three years in a Pakistani prison/10(34). Erik Audé is duped into drug smuggling and spends three years in a Pakistani prison. The true life story of Erik Audé, a 21 year old American actor who after was sent to death row in the most dangerous prison in Pakistan for a crime he didn't commit. Proven innocent he was forced with the choice of pride vs. freedom. What We Discuss with Erik Aude: How an American actor with a successful career gets wrongfully imprisoned in Pakistan for three years. Why Erik’s unique history with pain tolerance made him uniquely suited to survive torture and the rigors of prison life. The culture shock an average westerner might expect to experience while visiting Pakistan. Erik Aude. See Photos. ouvrier viticole at Domaine du Somail. Erik Aude. See Photos. Daglig leder at Habitatvision A/S. Erik Aude. The true life story of Erik Aude, who was duped into drug smuggling and spent three years in a Pakistani prison.
Erik Aude Herr Mänz und ich, wir sind sehr inspiriert von Ihrer Leovegas App Herzlichen Dank. Nochmals vielen Dank an alle für die gute und schnelle Zusammenarbeit!

Big Sky. No Score Yet. The Voice. Tell Me a Story. The Bachelorette. Lovestruck in the City. Murder on Middle Beach. Your Honor.

The Queen's Gambit. The Mandalorian. The Undoing. The Flight Attendant. Selena: The Series. Gangs of London. Virgin River. Retrieved November 26, Daily News of Los Angeles.

January 8, Retrieved September 24, Archived from the original on August 18, Erik Aude: [] So the dudes jacking me.

This guy's supposed to be helping me, has been jacking me this whole time. So now I got to get money in through another way.

So my mom, I'm able to call my mom. What are the superintendents? A two star guy named a Hugh. He wanted his son to get H1 visa.

He says, if your mom -- so he kept letting me use a phone to call my mom to help her son get H1 visa. And I was able to communicate in that sense.

But what I need you to do, I gave her the Wells Fargo information to give money to a religious teacher. They don't get searched.

They don't get the mean, because religious teachers are very respected people over there. But they're also one of some of the most corrupt sons of bitches out there.

And they'll smuggle anything in a prison. I mean anything, drugs, weapons, alcohol, money. The guy was working for me. And an exchange, he'd do it for rupees.

That's a big deal for him. That's roughly 10 bucks. Erik Aude: [] But he was bringing me in 24, If he had fucked me though, I would've just let everyone else know and they would stop using him.

So he had a good thing going and he was making a lot of money by bringing me the money. Like he would literally come to my cell in middle of the night, just hand me a big wad of cash.

I give him rupees back, and that's done. Because he wants to do this again every month. The system money. Erik Aude: [] I didn't get a cell phone from him originally.

I got a cell phone through the [Cantina][], the [Cantina][] the first time I ever got a cell phone. They had a [Cantina][] coming in there.

So no one wants to bring things in because they're afraid that if they bring you something in and you get caught, you're rat them out.

Or sometimes if you go through a guard, they'll sell it to you. They'll bring it to you, but then they'll go and rat you out so their devil divvied.

So they're going to go and say, Hey, oh, they got it. Now go shake him down. So you got to be careful who you trust to brings things in.

There's all kinds of ways to do it. Bring it in. I'm hungry though, go get me some fruit. These guys are making only a rupees a day. That's nothing.

Jordan Harbinger: [] So you're doubling their daily salary to keep you fed. Erik Aude: [] Oh, these guys, these guards all started making crazy good money off of me because I needed things to help my time pass.

I wanted things to help my time pass. I needed books to learn the language. I needed law books so I can understand how to fight my case. I wanted things like to make my time pass better.

I wasn't dealing with drugs, women or alcohol. I was dealing with things that would make your time go by, but I was literally the first person to get a cell phone into that prison because there's no guarantee that you're going to get a reception.

The only time I was able to use a phone was up in the office and on the second story, standing on a box crate in the corner next to all these files and files and files to try and get reception that would keep dropping all the time.

We're in the middle of nowhere. This prison is surrounded by desert and so cell phone towers, it's hit or miss. A phone cost, bucks roughly over there.

So first I needed to get my money in. But I'm using that to win a deal, bribe people and start making my own stuff happen. But also I took a gamble, I ordered a phone from the [Cantina][] and I paid that guy a lot of money take a risk to get that phone in.

Phone gets in there, I can find a signal, but I can only find a signal at the top of this locker that I had brought over from B class that I can get on top of it.

And I would put the phone on like a little nail in the wall. So that was steady and then the cord would come there. So that Erik Aude: [] Yeah.

So that I got a good signal in that one little spot that really helped me out though. So I can talk with my family and friends once a week.

But because I got that first cell phone in too, I could also do a lot of willing to deal in and out because the embassy wasn't bringing my money anymore.

I had to start hustling inside prison. I could rent that phone out, which I would run out all the time. In case someone tries to rat me out though, I need to get another phone.

I couldn't be bringing the phones in all the time because a [Cantina] [] guy, if too many were coming in, he would get cold feet.

The hijackers were the Palestinian hijackers. These guys were responsible for 23 deaths back in on that US aircraft that they boarded in Karachi and they executed two people.

But the Pakistani command is boarded the plane and killed 21 other people in the crossfire. So they were convicted of two of the deaths.

But the Pakistani commandos were responsible for 21 other deaths. Erik Aude: [] Very sloppy. But these guys had been in that prison since it opened up in Now when they were first there, they were under hour security.

Well, as time went by, they did a bunch of hunger strikes and they started to get little privileges, little by little.

And over time by the time I get there, these guys are the most respected prisoners in the prison. The guards had grown up with them.

They were kids when they went there, but now the guards would have lunch, breakfast, and dinner with these guys. They all had their own cells.

They all were all left alone. They were celebrities in the prison, but they had the most privileges that they name and understand.

They just being left alone is considered a huge privilege. Having your own cell is considered a huge privilege, and anything they want for need, the guards would get without going out turning them in, without getting them in trouble, because the guard respected these guys and they'd grown up with them.

They eat with them all the time. Like if I dealt with the guards, the guards will fuck me over in a heartbeat, in a heartbeat.

And I knew that. So I took a stab with the hijackers. I met the hijackers through [IU][] but just a random meeting.

It'd be cool. He thought it I was funny and that these guys are split to hate America. But these guys ended up becoming my best fucking friends in prison.

They end up becoming my brother's in prison. Now one of the hijackers, a guy named Ali, he wasn't actually on the plane.

He was the one who organized all the police uniform, the police van and all the weapons. And that's how he got caught.

Because when they got arrested, they started ratting everyone out. They mentioned his name. He stayed in the country because of a girl. Erik Aude: [] And that had he left when it all happened, he would've gotten out in time.

But he stayed a couple of days because of a girl and that's how he got caught. Erik Aude: [] Now Ali though, loved chess and love books, that man could read anything.

He was a speed reader, which kind of is not something you want to be in prison. You want something that's going to take your time.

Do you have any books? So they brought me like two huge boxes of just books, which I would end up devouring, and I would give them to Ali.

Do you have anything else? I've said read this Harry Potter book. You're going to fucking love it. There's a Goblet of Fire. It's a huge book.

You're going to like it. Just fucking read it. That's where I hid the cell phone. Erik Aude: [] Because it's so big.

I was able to hide a cell phone in that book. Because of me, the hijackers were allowed to talk to their families for the first time in 17 years.

Erik Aude: [] I got something from them that I absolutely needed. I got loyalty. I had loyalty and I needed their connections.

So those guys had my back for everything after that, because of me, they were able to speak to the family. It's the first time, 17 years now.

I told the hijackers, now that they knew the phones would work, they all want to fill in as themselves. Erik Aude: [] So I said, use your connections.

So they started bringing in phones for me. And so the guards didn't know I was getting them in. They figured the hijackers are getting them.

Erik Aude: [] So the hijackers were my protection basically, but I was the one who was in charge of everything. So yes, all the hijackers got the phones in, but I was selling them all over the prison because now everyone knew I was the guy to go to for cell phones, and that was how I was able to start making my money in prison.

I was able to use the money that my mom would send, but I was able to start making money and ends meet there.

So I was the guy who kept you for cell phones, for VCD players, for work. All the guards started working for me in that prison.

I was running poker tournaments. Jordan Harbinger: [] You were running poker tournaments in prison. So you started playing poker in prison. Erik Aude: [] The first time I ever picked up a hand of poker was on death row.

Erik Aude: [] In Pakistan. Jordan Harbinger: [] Right, yeah, just clarifying how weird this is that you're playing Texas Hold Em with Palestinian hijackers.

Erik Aude: [] It is the Pakistani. So the Palestinians weren't on death row. The Palestinians were one cell. I was in -- eventually after I got moved off the death row, I got moved off the death row after nine and a half months to two cell.

By that time though, I had already become friends with Ali through the letter network through the books, because he wanted my books and my magazines, and then when I got moved to two cell, I could talk to these guys over the wall and our relationships struck more of a chord and I go over and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with them.

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The true life story of Erik Aude, who was duped into drug smuggling and spent three years in a Pakistani prison. Loved this film. Director Jamielyn Lipman did an amazing job telling this story.

A must see. No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month.

I was told I'd never walk again. I was told I'd never be able to play sport, never be able to make love to a woman. I've proven the doctor's wrong time and time again.

Erik Aude: [] I had my urethra severn and reconnected on the first person on Earth to have that done.

Erik Aude: [] I'm in doctors history books, but it's all because I've just had an unusual life my whole life. Jordan Harbinger: [] So you got hit by a bus that crushed your pelvis and that somehow severed a bunch of stuff down.

Erik Aude: [] It just ripped me apart and I wasn't supposed to make it through the night, let to last the week. And then as time went by, my odds started doing crease.

I was told never walk again, a couple of years later I'm walking. Jordan Harbinger: [] And that gave you a high pain tolerance, right?

I remember you said something like you just stopped complaining about the pain after a while. Erik Aude: [] Because all I was doing was waking people up.

Like my mom's boyfriend at the time, there's this nice guy named Rod, he would come like I would get these sharp pains through my body that would just, it felt like glass is just going through me.

And it turned out to be like the worst kidney pains because I was always in pain and things were always passing through me and I would start screaming in the middle of the night.

So my mom's boyfriend would come into the room, he was dead tired and all he could do is turn on that Nintendo and play Zelda next to me until it passed.

And I went back to sleep and I just remember thinking to myself like, it's weird because there's like a siren going off and here I am nine years old, eight years old, and no one could do anything.

And it got to the point that people started just ignore me because they knew they couldn't do anything for me. And I felt so, like such an inconvenience on them that I started just screaming in silence.

Jordan Harbinger: [] When you say screaming in silence, it just you're just screaming your head? Jordan Harbinger: [] And just kind of gritting your teeth and dealing with it.

Erik Aude: [] Till this day, I still go through those and they had never stopped. Jordan Harbinger: [] The pain hasn't stopped, so you just will wake up randomly feeling all the super sharp pain.

Jordan Harbinger: [] And nobody knows why or they know why and they can't do anything? Erik Aude: [] They say that for some reason my kidneys contract and everything and they always will.

It just feels like someone's ringing it out like a towel. Erik Aude: [] And it happens. It's not even when I'm sleeping, it's when I'm awake. They just start to come and like to my sides, like literally do this, because it just starts to get really bad.

The cramps are just terrible. Erik Aude: [] But when I was a kid, I didn't know what was happening to me.

I've gotten used to them. Now I just an inconvenience, but I fill them all the time. Like what made me scream as a kid, it's just an inconvenience to me now.

Jordan Harbinger: [] So you're going back and forth from different countries transporting these leather goods. What kind of countries are you going to?

Erik Aude: [] Originally the trips were to Turkey, and Turkey is a great, beautiful country. And then on the way back, you can pick a country to go to.

I'd always pick Sweden because I just like Sweden. Jordan Harbinger: [] Yeah, yeah. A lot of good -- I love Sweden and I can imagine at age 21, Sweden's a pretty good stop over for it.

Erik Aude: [] I remember it was , and then, yeah, so stopping over at Sweden was great. I mean, I stopped in Sweden during the winter, so it was always nighttime, but all the people are blonde, blue eyed and beautiful.

And during the summer it was really cool because the sun would stay up in the middle of the sky at 2 a. So you're walking down the street and it's completely deserted and the sun's over your head.

And I don't know why anyone would want to film a zombie movie in America when they could save so much money by going over to Sweden or another Scandinavian country during the summer and just film there when everyone is just totally all asleep.

Jordan Harbinger: [] That's right. That's right. Yeah, just a ghost town in the middle of the day. Yeah, I hadn't thought about that.

Maybe it's the exchange rate, I don't know. Are you an idiot? Erik Aude: [] I get asked that all the time. Man, people are pretty harsh when it comes to others.

Erik Aude: [] I would never do that. I mean, I know man's had the balls to say that. Erik Aude: [] I'll be like, let's humor you.

Why would you ask such as such a terrible question? Did that really happen? People don't think before they talk sometimes.

Jordan Harbinger: [] Are these people that just saw you on locked up abroad or these friends of yours? Erik Aude: [] No, these are definitely not my friends.

These are definitely not my friends. I think he did it because every time we were at parties, he was always drunk and I was like, this girl is a fucking liar because I don't drink.

Erik Aude: [] I don't drink at all, and I don't do drugs. My drug of choice was the gym. That's all I did was work out. I didn't drink, I didn't do drugs.

Erik Aude: [] I'm already in bad situations, so why are you going and pouring lighter fluid on a spark over here. That's ridiculous.

Erik Aude: [] And people -- but other people would do that too. I don't even know who you are. Erik Aude: [] Out of the woodwork, come people who don't know the situation but they want to start -- they want to get their own, I guess their own reasons to fill a special.

Erik Aude: [] I think so, like if I don't know anything about a person, I'm not going to go and start making up shit just to be noticed.

Jordan Harbinger: [] So you're going back and forth from Turkey hanging out in Europe. This is an awesome job. So just do your diligence. Erik Aude: [] Before I went, I asked my mom.

Like I told everyone about this and my mom put me in touch with her FBI friend who wanted to hear the scenario and I told them that importing expensive leather goods, beating the import tax free trip.

He says this kind of thing happens all the time. People bring back rugs, people go bring back jewelry, and if you get caught it's a minor offense, maybe like a slap on the wrist.

If anything, like worst case scenario, they'll confiscate it and give you a fine, but that's it. It could be this. Everyone wanted to do it.

Everyone was asking me to meet with Rai. What I do nowadays. It's a red flag. Better safe than sorry. Why take the chance? Learn from me. Trust me.

At least that way it wasn't all for nothing, but people want to believe that I was guilty. They want to believe that I deserved to have this happen to me so that they can swallow their own negativities in their life easier because people love to complain.

I don't know if you, you know, especially in , everyone's so positive. No one ever complains about the littlest damn things that go on in our lives.

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If you'd like some tips on how to subscribe to the show, just go to jordanharbinger. Now back to the show with Erik Aude. Jordan Harbinger: [] I think the other reason people wanted to believe that you're guilty is it's too damn scary to think that an innocent person like you could go to prison in Pakistan for three years and go through that crap for having done nothing.

Erik Aude: [] It's easier for them to swallow what happened to me if they think that I deserved it, rather than knowing that I didn't deserve it, and then I went through all those things.

Ashes filming Abdiel. Guitars and Guns completed Rocker. SWAT Leader. ICE Agent. Contractor 1.

Suspicious Dr 1 Strike Team. Video short Scary 2. Prisoner 1. White Security NA. Thug 1. Bogdan uncredited. Gunrunner 3 uncredited. Vault Guard.

Your email address will not be published. Quote 1 We as Americans live like Kings. We have no idea how good we have it. No matter how bad it gets, it could always be worse.

Erik Aude
Erik Aude Erik Anthony Audé ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler, Stuntman und professioneller Pokerspieler, der wegen angeblichen Drogenhandels in Pakistan festgenommen und inhaftiert wurde. Audé behauptet, er sei zum Tragen von Opium getäuscht worden. Serien und Filme mit Erik Aude: Timeless · This Is Us · Grey's Anatomy · K.C. Undercover · Scorpion · Navy CIS · Legends · Sons of Anarchy · Homes of . Wir verarbeiten Ihre Daten, um Inhalte oder Anzeigen bereitzustellen, und analysieren die Bereitstellung solcher Inhalte oder Anzeigen, um Erkenntnisse über. Erik Aude ist ein amerikanischer Schauspieler. Entdecke seine Biographie, Details seiner 21 Karriere-Jahre und alle News.

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Erik Aude
Erik Aude It's not who you Dolphin Spiele to be with. They've got stuff for that. Self Jose Canseco Eric Aude: [] The guards decided to get involved and started baton charging everyone, Spielee they came into beat the crap out of me, the crowd and me with Safe Bets batons. Turkey was an awesome country and I met so many friendly, wonderful people there. This sucks. It smelled better. I didn't drink, I Wetten Englisch do drugs. I would've felt so Bästa Online Casino shame and eventually I would've Luckylouis ended up killing myself, just not being able to look Spiel Com Kostenlos myself in the mirror anymore. Jordan Harbinger: [] Well, knowing Live In Deutsch little I know about you, that totally checks out. This show is produced in association with PodcastOne. I bought, everything I bought was packaged Slot Band I Cl Winners buying, you know, packaging. Erik Aude: [] Like all right, all I came all the way around the planet to see some fast foods. Erik Aude: [] I'm not a rapist, but yet I've played at countless Stadt In Schweden Rätsel.


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